Sunday, October 23, 2011

Speed ​​up Windows 7 Performance Tips

This time we will guide you how to accelerate the performance of the operating system made by Microsoft which incidentally is the most popular operating system today.

Here are tips that can accelerate the performance of Windows 7 without requiring much time to configure it:

Get rid of unused fonts.  

Unless you work in the printing, there are so many fonts that are not used but still in the load when you use Windows 7. This leads to reduced memory capacity of a blank that could be used by another process. Untu get rid of unused fonts, follow these steps langlah below.
  • Create a new folder as a backup folder of fonts.
  • Open the control panel and proceed to open the fonts folder.
  • Select the font you normally use and do not move into the backup folder that you created earlier. Do not delete fonts you do not use as they may at other times you need it. If you want to activate the fonts that you have moved, just need to restore it to its original folder.

2.    Speed ​​up boot time.  System windows 7 will boot faster if you use the following tips.

  • Click Start, lanjutkkan by typing msconfig in the Start Search and press the enter key.
  • Click the Boot tab and go to the Advanced Options.
  • Type in the number of processor numbers are used when the process in the column Number of Processors.
  • Click Apply and restart the system to see the effect.

3.    Disable Sound System.  
If you do not tertarim use a sound system, you can disable it by doing the steps below. This will speed up the process of loading system.
  • Click Start, lanjutkkan by typing mmsys.cpl in the Start Search and press the enter key.
  • Open the Sound tab and select No Sound on options.
  • Click Apply to apply and restart your Windows 7.

Disable Search Index in Windows 7.
Click Start, lanjutkkan by typing services.msc in the Start Search and press the enter key.
Find Windows Search, and then right click and disable the service.
5.    Disable Unused Services.  
Some of the windows service is still running on the system even though we do not need it. This will require less memory that could otherwise be used for other more important processes. To disable service that is not used, follow the instructions below.
  • Open the Start menu, All Programs and then point to Administrative Tools Options. This option may not exist if you are logged in as Guest, not as admin.
  • Click the Advanced tab and see the name of the service that existed at the bottom.
  • Remove the check-box on a service that is not used and still allow the service you use.
  • Restart windows 7 to see the effect.

6.    Reduce Start-up Windows 7.  
Many apliaksi is loaded automatically by Windows when you own rarely use them. To disable the Start-up program, follow these steps.

  • Click Start, lanjutkkan by typing msconfig in the Start Search and press the enter key.
  • Open the Startup tab.
  • Disable start-up unused applications and restart your windows 7.

Of 6 tips above, actually there are many other tips that you can use to speed up the system Windows 7 with the record you have to understand how the system works.


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