Saturday, July 23, 2011

BinarySense HDD Temperature v.4.0.24 + Keygen

HDD Temperature BinarySense berungsi Store information secure and prevent data loss by controlling the temperature of your discs and health status. HDD temperature to collect and report public health information your hard disk, reporting potential problems well ahead of time.

In the case of the disk is used with a higher likelihood of failure, HDD Temperature advise on a replacement. HDD Temperature is designed to keep under control overheating does notmatter whether the user has entered into the system. Running as a system service, HDDTemperature can alert you or your network administrator via email or even go as far as turning off the PC if more than a moderate overheating occurs. System administrators will be able toregulate the temperature of the HDD without a user interface that is accessible to a service-only mode.

Service operations to ensure that the HDD temperature to work without triggering UAC Vistaprompts of any kind, does not require administrative privileges or log-in user. HDDTemperature is not limited to thermal control, and report all sorts of information on the disk,including disk OEM, exact model number and the number of hours the disk has been used.

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